Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Like Pickle Juice On A Cookie

Dear readers,

     I've read the book " Like Pickle Juice On A Cookie"  it talks about this girl that is named Eleanor and her favorite babysitter Bibi is moving to Florida. But she doesn't want Bibi to move to Florida so then she  celebrated her a birthday party. So then they celebrate her birthday party and then the babysitter goes to her house and packs her backpacks and goes to an airport and then she gets on a plane and leaves to Florida. So then Eleanor starts crying because her babysitter calls her and tells her that she is already on a plane . But weeks later Eleanor gets news from her parents and the news are that she is getting a new babysitter . But Eleanor doesn't want a new babysitter because she thinks that she is already big and she doesn't want a babysitter but she will only accept Bibi as a babysitter.

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